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Fiddle Foundations

Fiddle Foundations is a beginning music class for children, ages 4-5, that prepares them to play string instruments like the violin and cello.

Singing, dancing and fun activities in a Fiddle Foundations class will get your child started on the essential ingredients for a life of music. In addition, they will be introduced to skills -- like holding the violin bow -- that will increase their excitement to learn more.

Group of Pre-School Children playing mus

For parents who are considering introducing violin or cello as their child’s first instrument, Fiddle Foundations is a perfect first step. The classes will introduce the beginning songs of FiddleQuest®️ -- the curriculum violin teachers love for teaching kids to play Irish, Classical, folk songs and more.

By the end of a Fiddle Foundations class, your child will be ready and excited for a successful start on their first instrument.

Fiddle Foundations is taking a pause until we can safely return to group gatherings.

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