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Our Program

    An active musical community   

Creekside Strings is an active musical community that encourages kids and parents to participate. The relationships that grow through musical and non-musical connections gently weave music into the fabric of the student's life.

Creekside Strings uses the FiddleQuest  educational program for all of our students. FiddleQuest is the leading web-based violin curriculum that teaches the songs, the skills and, most importantly, the EAR that kids need to play socially with anyone. And for kids that want to take their music further, FiddleQuest provides students a rock-solid musical foundation for advanced studies in classical and traditional music. 

               An effective curriculum             
                 Weekly jams                

The focus of Creekside Strings is learning to play with other people. Families and friends gathers each week for music, food and fun. As a result, kids are exposed to more advanced players, they play more music, they become more skilled, all the while being exposed to new music.


[A phenomenon we have noticed over the years -- students that come to jams regularly don't quit music lessons.]

FiddleQuest Camps are a week of musical fun for kids, ages 6-17. Each summer since 2007, fiddlers and other musicians gather for a week in Lithia Park where they get to play music, run around, make friends and spend a great day outside. FiddleQuest Camps are designed to motivate and prepare kids for a lifetime of music.

            FiddleQuest camps          
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