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Studio Policies for Jessie


I use the FiddleQuest curriculum.  You will want to get your account set-up before your first lesson.  Cost is $15/month.  You can sign up at



My teaching calendar runs from the second week of September through the second week of June. Tuition is 10 monthly payments of $100 a month for a half hour lesson and $150.00 for a 45-minute lesson.  Tuition is averaged throughout the year based on 35 lessons in the calendar year, and it is the same regardless of the number of lessons each month.  Please note that even when a month has 1 or 2 lessons, like June or December,  tuition is still the same.

If you want to terminate your lessons please give me one month’s notice so that I can have time to fill your spot.  Please note that if you choose to take a break from lessons and not pay your monthly tuition, you will be giving up your spot.


Cancellation/Make-up Policy

If you need to miss a lesson, please let me know as far in advance as possible so that I can take the student’s name off the calendar and write ‘cancel’ in their spot.  I am happy to make up a missed lesson for any circumstance.  Lessons can be made up in any cancelled or open spot and never expire.  It is your responsibility to find a spot if you want to make-up a lesson- I will not be keeping track.  If I need to cancel the lesson for some reason, I will make up the lesson at a time that is convenient for you, or if necessary give lesson credit. Monthly tuition will not be prorated for missed lessons.  You can see my calendar here:



My home is located at 866 Perozzi St.  You can park on Almeda St and then walk around to the back parking lot and let yourself in through the back gate (marked with a fiddle)  and leave your case in the hallway.  Lessons can also take place virtually over zoom. 


Additional Information

It is good to try and arrive 5 minutes early and have your fiddle ready and tuned so that we can make full use of your lesson time


Our Creekside community hosts several community gatherings throughout the year that include jams, dances, performances, etc.  You will learn about these gatherings in our weekly emails called “Fiddle news” or can see these events on our calendar located here:


Teaching Calendar

*I will have a copy of my teaching calendar posted in my studio. 

First Day of Lessons: 9/7

No Lessons: 10/31; 11/23-11/26 (Thanksgiving) ; 12/19-1/1 (Winter Break) ; 1/25;1/26;1/30; 2/21;2/24; 3/27-3/31 (Spring Break)

Last day of lessons : 6/12

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