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Studio Policies for Monika


I use the FiddleQuest curriculum.  You will want to get your account set-up before your first lesson.  Cost is $15/month.  You can sign up at



  • $80 / month for 30 min weekly lessons

  • Tuition is for 35 lessons over 10 months

  • Tuition is paid in 10 equal payments of $80 over the 10 months of the teaching year. Some months will have a different number of lessons, but the payments stay the same. 

  • Preferred method of payment is a check, Venmo or Paypal. 


Cancellation/Make-up Policy

  • Please let me know 24hrs in advance, if you need to miss or cancel a lesson so that I can make the spot available for others. If you fail to give me enough notice I will not be able to grant you a make-up lesson.

  • You can reschedule at any time to a spot that is marked as “AVAILABLE” or “Cancel” on my teachers calendar.

  • Missed lessons never expire for enrolled students. It is your responsibility to find a spot if you want to make-up a lesson, I will not be keeping track.

  • Monthly tuition does not change when you miss a lesson.

  • In the event that a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, we will work with parents to reschedule at any time that is convenient for the student. If necessary, a lesson credit will be given for the following month.

  • You can see my teachers calendar here.



Lessons take place at my home, located at 800 Cambridge Street in Ashland.


Additional Information

  • It is good to try and arrive 5 minutes early and have your fiddle ready and tuned so that we can make full use of your lesson time.

  • Our Creekside community hosts several community gatherings throughout the year that include jams, dances, performances, etc.  You will learn about these gatherings in our weekly emails called “Fiddle news” or can see these events on our events calendar:


Teaching Calendar

  • Lessons start on 9/7/22 and end 6/9/23. 

  • There are 35 scheduled lessons over 10 months.

  • Fiddle Camps will be the weeks of 6/26/22 and 7/10/22.

  • There are no lessons on

    • October 31-November 4

    • November 21-25

    • December 19-30

    • March 27-31

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