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Fiddle Camps

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Every summer since 2007, fiddlers, guitarists and other musicians gather in Lithia Park for music and fun. Musicians learn songs by ear, play games, perform as a group and share tunes from around the world. 

June 13-17, 2022

Music of Ireland

When people think 'fiddle' -- they think of Ireland. Ireland is the birthplace of so much of the great dance and session music of the fiddling world. From lyrical tunes that will silence a room to rhythmic, energized tunes that will make everyone dance, Irish fiddle music has it all. Campers will learn a wide variety of tunes they will love playing as a group and at home on their own.


June 27-July 1, 2022

Music of the 1990s

The 1990's had great music from iconic bands like U2 and REM and introduced us to new groups like Green Day, Pearl Jam and singers like Sinead O'Connor. Fiddlers love connecting  and playing music that their parents and siblings have all heard before. And learning that there is no style of music they can't play on their violin is a mindset that will impact the rest of their lives!

Jump Start camps will take place during the same weeks as the Creekside Fiddle Camps -- June 13-17 and June 27-July 1.

Camp Details

Music of Ireland and Music of the 1990's

Time: 9:30-2:00

Dates: June 13-17 (Music of Ireland), June 27-July 1 (Music of the 1990's)

Tuition: $275

Location: Lithia Park, Ashland, Oregon

Camper ages: Kindergarten - 8th grade

Counselor ages: 9th grade & up*

Jumpstart Fiddle Camp

Time: 8:30-11:30

Dates: June 13-17, June 27-July 1

Tuition: $200

Location: Lithia Park, Ashland, Oregon

Camper ages: 5 yrs and up

Counselor ages: 8th grade & up

* if you are interested in applying to be a camp counselor or teacher, please complete this same registration and indicate your interest in the comments section at the bottom of the form. We'll get in touch with more details.

Jump Start Fiddle Camps

Jump Start camps are designed for beginners of the violin. Students as young as 5 can take part in these camps. They are the perfect way for students to be introduced to the world of fiddling. These young students play music, participate in games, listen to stories and participate in adventures throughout the 5-day camp. The fun  they have and the new friends they make builds their motivation to play and learn violin throughout the year.


Creekside Fiddle Camp or Jump Start Camp?

The Jump Start camps are perfect for younger fiddlers who are just starting -- Level 1 or 2.


If your child is very young but is playing at or above Level 3, the Jump Start camp may still be a good fit. It is a shorter day for the kids and will have stories and a pace more suitable for the youngest fiddlers.

The goal of the camp is for your child to have fun playing music. And kids who are with kids their own age will have fun! So, if you have a young child (5 or 6) who is playing at Level 3 or above, talk with your teacher to see what they suggest. 

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